• Validating, Embracing and Transforming the Tidal Wave of Change

Your 12 Step Program for Transforming the Change

  If you think the 12 steps for making it through menopause begin with Drink more wine Take more pills Blame your husband Run away from home Max out your credit cards……. You are not alone!  These don’t work. I tried them all. Try these instead: We admitted that we were powerless over menopause, that … Continue reading

Discovering the ONE in m(3NO)pause

“Nothing had prepared (her) for the wrenching desperation of this struggle.  (She) had always known mastery over herself, but now that very mastery was to be renounced, that effortless freedom of spirit (she) had already attained had to be surrendered.  (She) saw the Path disappear before (her) as the last gates of the world slowly … Continue reading

Menopause and the fight or flight response

My husband and I were watching television one evening when a commercial aired for New Mexico, inviting tourists to experience the land of enchantment. I made a disgusted sound.  “What’s the matter?” my husband asked. “Really?” I asked. “The land of enchantment?  It’s. a. desert! There’s no water anywhere, we’re in a drought, all the … Continue reading

This is Your Brain on Menopause

I met my husband at Long John Silvers for lunch during the work week.  I ordered the baked tilapia without the mixed vegetables.  I had ordered the dish before and found the vegetables to be limp, overcooked, greasy and disgusting.  We sat down at a table and a server brought us our food.  There were … Continue reading

“It’s Just Menopause”

Perception can be a major roadblock to the successful navigation of menopause. I was diagnosed with “it’s just menopause” when I was 48. “This can’t be just menopause” I said earnestly. “There is something terribly, horribly wrong with me.” “All your labs are perfect, there’s nothing wrong with you” the P.A. assured me.  “It’s just … Continue reading