Your 12 Step Program for Transforming the Change


If you think the 12 steps for making it through menopause begin with

  • Drink more wine
  • Take more pills
  • Blame your husband
  • Run away from home
  • Max out your credit cards…….

You are not alone!  These don’t work. I tried them all.

Try these instead:

  1. We admitted that we were powerless over menopause, that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. We humbly and wisely sought out and created a powerful support system to help us cope.
  3. We came to believe that we were the cause of our anxiety, depression, and rage, and that a new paradigm could restore us to sanity.
  4. We made a decision to step outside our comfort zone and embrace new patterns of thinking, new beliefs and new patterns of behavior.
  5. We made a searching and fearless spiritual and emotional inventory of ourselves.
  6. We admitted our fears, resentments, grudges, sorrows and regrets.
  7. We became willing to let go of our fears, resentments and grudges and forgive and make amends to those who had harmed us.
  8. We became willing to let go of  and forgive ourselves for our failures and disappointments.
  9. We became willing to to embrace fearlessness, forgiveness, and acceptance.
  10. We made a commitment to put our happiness and well being first in our lives.
  11. We made a non-negotiable decision to live a life of passion, power, confidence, harmony and love.
  12. We made a commitment to start doing the things we love and stop doing the things we hate.

Love, Tonjia


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