• Tonjia Rolan is a certified life coach who lives in Clovis, New Mexico, with her husband, Loyd.  She is a former reporter for the Clovis News Journal and a freelance writer with a passion for research and a deep love for humankind.

    Tonjia has coached recovering addicts and people struggling to make career choices, but after experiencing a traumatic and debilitating menopause, chose to focus her career on empowering women to use the life changing event of menopause as a catalyst for lasting personal transformation.

    Using proven methods, she helps women develop powerful support systems, re-negotiate their relationships and priorities, re-vise their self-image and transform their lives, by helping them clarify their values and goals, identify roadblocks to those goals, and create a plan of action that facilitates and leads to lasting personal transformation.

    Contact Tonjia Rolan at 575-777-0505 or tonjia.rolan@gmail.com

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